An extravagant idea,
combined with dedication and hardwork
will be a masterpiece

Ide yang hebat, digabungkan dengan dedikasi dan kerja keras akan menjadi sebuah karya yang luar biasa

Derived from it, Pijar Kreatif Attempts to be a home for particular people, group, even corporate to craft and enlightenn their visions and dreams to become reality.

Was first constructed mid 2017, originated in Indonesia, Pijar Kreatif desires to boost local potential to be known worldwide.

Made by three of individuals who perceived the world through different skills and expertise but align with the same perspective and point of view of life through creativity.

To be literal, Pijar is a source of light used to brighten the home, to allow people to feel safe and hopeful. By then Pijar Kreatif hopes that our services can help people to see the world in the brighter way.